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Good news for Popcorn lovers

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popcornfrom purpleplumfairy

A movie plan can never go successful without popcorn. I know so many people who can gobble down a big bowl full of popcorn alone. Ever thought about its nutritious value? No? Well, I have good news for all those who love popcorn. This yummy victual that has got our attention is a very healthy snack indeed.

A bowl of popcorn equals a bowl of nutrients:

Popcorn contains abundant healthy nutrients that are required by our body. In no way should it be considered unhealthy because it is low in calorie, low in fat content, contain no sugar and has no sodium.

Popcorn is rich in anti-oxidants:

These are overloaded with anti-oxidants which help the body to get rid of free oxygen radicals that can cause damage to the body.

Who does want fibers?

To add to the nutritive value of the air-popped popcorn, let me tell you that these are naturally enriched with fiber content. The husk that sticks between your teeth when you fill your mouth with this snack is nothing else but unrefined grain which is the best form of carb one can get.

A point to remember:

This attractive snack can be made unhealthy by adding salt and fat into it as in prepared popcorn. You should also be aware of the fact that microwave popcorn are thought to be a health risk because of the chemicals present on the bags containing these popcorn and also because of diacetyle which is basically the artificial butter flavoring agent used in it.

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