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Should Grandpa’s Sadness Be Of Concern?

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Do you find that your grandparents are seeming to be sad more often than not? Depression among senior citizens is a common problem, but one that is frequently misdiagnosed due to the symptoms often resembling issues at that period of life, side effects from medication, etc.

People in their golden years can be plagued by physical and cognitive issues that make normal functioning that much more difficult. Also, when one is nearing the end of life and feels burdened by regret, this can also lead to chronic depression.

Here are some other factors that can contribute to the problem:

Lack of Exercise

Getting up and moving not only aids our bodily processes, it can also help us on a cognitive level. If you don’t exercise regularly, you will feel worse on both a physical and mental level. As seniors are usually dealing with mobility and energy level problems, it can be tempting to just stay in bed instead of going for a walk or partaking in other basic forms of activity.

Lack of Sleep

Even seniors in good health will find that their amount of sleep, and the general quality of that rest, goes down as they age. Sometimes it may be because of more frequent bowel movements, or could be a general restlessness that prevents deep and satisfying sleep. Your physical and mental well-being both suffer without a proper night’s slumber.


Physical complaints, inability to drive due to sight loss, and living in a nursing home can cause a person to feel isolated. That lack of regular contact with friends and loved ones can lead to a feeling of isolation and lack of value. Those thoughts are almost always a recipe for depression.

If your grandparents or other seniors you know are experiencing any signs of depression, talk to them and offer your assistance. They will almost certainly appreciate it.

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