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Green coffee beans; can they help you become lean?

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Research reveals that Green Coffee beans have remarkable weight reducing properties. It is a natural way to shed off pounds in a sensible way. Green coffee beans also have anti-oxidant properties which help the body overcome oxidation stress. Not only this, it also has anti-inflammatory qualities. Green coffee beans work as anti-hypertensive agent and it also lowers the blood sugar level due to its low glycemic index.


Many people have tried green coffee beans and believe that they help in reducing weight. Following evidence will give you concrete proof of its effectiveness when used for reducing weight:

  • It contains Chlorogenic acid which is a phytochemical responsible for inhibiting and lowering the utilization of glucose for energy production, which automatically results in using up of fat for energy production.
  • It hinders food absorption in the digestive system by getting attached to the food hence satisfying satiety for a long time.
  • Late digestion of food due to green coffee beans results in reducing the blood sugar level in blood. This will lead to more and more metabolism in the body resulting in consumption of calories.
  • It contains minimal caffeine which is not so good for health.
  • It contains more Chlorogenic acid than in roasted beans because of the fact that when coffee beans are roasted, this phytochemical is burnt and it loses it benefits.
  • It works naturally and works to reduce weight without posing any side effects.

Supplements of Chlorogenic acid 100mg are also available in the market which can help you to lose weight and become lean and smart.

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