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Hair Thinning and Hair Loss in Women

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Issues related to hair are a sort of nightmare, especially when talking about the women gender.

Your hair forms a vital part of your persona. You shine brightly and walk out confidently when you know that you have strands of fine, heavenly glistening hair.

But it is not every time that your hair sparkles with a shine. Most of the times, we women face problems such as hair thinning and hair loss.

So why does it happen? Pollution and sun maybe? Hence, to overcome these, we go for every external hair treatment within our reach. But ever wondered that the cause maybe lying somewhere internally? Like, in you own body maybe.

Yes, hair loss tends to occur greatly with an underlying health condition, most common of which is nutritional deficiency. Women, and especially those who are in their teens, pregnant, or nursing mothers, tend to have this great issue of hair loss with the hair strand structure turning thin. The most common cause of this could be deficiency of minerals such as iron and zinc. This can easily be compromised through diet or supplement intake. In case of  mineral supplements, consult your doctor first.

Another cause of thin hair structure could be hormones. An excessive conversion of testosterone into dihydro testosterone (DHT) can be the cause. Similar is the reason of hair loss in males, who may have a genetic tendency of this testosterone conversion. DHT imparts a negative effect on the hair, and causes hair thinning prior to hair loss.

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