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How to Handle it When Things Get out of Hand at the Farmers’ Market

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Farmers’ Markets are one of the best things period. Nothing beats being able to buy your food directly from the source. Not only is it cheaper, but your body will thank you for providing it with something that hasn’t had to sit on a truck, and then shelf, for several days. The only real problem I have with these heavenly spots is buying too much! This is especially easy to do in the summer months when everything is in season and local farmers are showing off new and exciting varieties of my favs. If you’ve got the same problem, here are some ways to make sure none of your bounty goes to waste:

  • Create your own frozen food section: simply wash and prepare fruits and veggies (e.g.: pitting cherries, hulling strawberries or stripping kernels from corn cobs) and spread them on a sheet pan so they freeze individually instead of in big clumps. Once they’ve frozen, you can store them in a freezer bad and enjoy long into the winter
  • Pickles or Jams: not only are they a great way to preserve seasonal produce, they are infinitely customizable, so your creations will not only be local, but also unique. Bonus: jams are a particularly good way to use berries that are starting to slide towards mushiness
  • Add fruits and veggies to dishes where that don’t usually call for them. Add cauliflower to mashed potatoes, make your kebobs a 70/30 split between produce and protein.
  • Have containers of chopped up fruit ready to go in the fridge, so that when a snack attack strikes, you’ll be ready and the inconvenience of prepping fresh produce won’t be an issue-this is especially great for kids who are home from school for the summer
  • Got a friend or family member going through a tough time? Consider making them a produce heaving casserole or salad. They’ll appreciate not having to cook, and the bringing something healthier than the traditional cheese and carb loaded comfort food will give them a chance to care for their bodies without having to think about it, or feel guilty for taking the time for self care





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