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Have You Applied Proper Mediterranean Diet?

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Mediterranean Diet is not a new thing among those dieters, but not many of them can apply it very well. Though it may sound simple, Mediterranean Diet is very challenging because of the difficult task in conquering a person’s eating habit. This is an unfortunate condition because it is proven that this kind of diet can reduce many fatal diseases for more than thirty percents. Some diseases, which can be reduced through this diet include strokes, heart diseases and high cholesterol level. It is one of the healthiest diet programs which ever exist

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If you have been in your diet activities and you want to try the effectiveness of Mediterranean diet, then it is very simple to choose the food options. They are also very cheap and easy to find like vegetables and fruits as well as other kinds of whole grains like beans. Cereal and potatoes become some of the main recipes which have to be included in Mediterranean diet, not to mention very rich nutrients food like nuts. Surely, processed food is not recommended at all. Not only because of its ingredients, but because of this diet requires dieters to eat fresh food which is less processed. Cooking should be made easy with olive oil or any other kind of less fat oil.

It does not mean that a dieter should avoid any kind of milk or dairy products. They still can consume any milk product like yogurt and cheese in moderate—or low—amount. It should be noted that butter containing saturated fat is not recommended at all in this diet. To keep dieters in prime body condition,  they still can consume seafood, chicken and eggs weekly with limited amount. But red meat may only be consumed in at least two or three times within one month. Besides, its limitation lies on the choices of meats. Dieter can avoid beef when necessary if they can consume lamb or veal as they contain lower fat, as compared to beef.

So, when it is that easy, what makes us worry for not applying proper Mediterranean diet?



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