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Hazards of Midnight Snacking

By on October 6, 2013 in Diet, General, Health, Lifestyle with 0 Comments

images (3) May it be due to nervousness, tension, stress, or merely a part of slumber party, mid night snacking must be avoided at all costs. To overcome the hunger pangs which arise in the middle of night, try drinking a glass of water or munch upon some fruit or any veggie. But many of us follow this habit mostly because we find fun in it. Especially late night party lovers, they have big meals comprising of carbs and fats, which they order from any fast food franchise, just for the sake of enjoyment. But they don’t realize what they actually do to their body in the pursuit of partying in the middle of night. Following are mentioned two most commonly observed bad effects of late night snacking upon health.

Weight Gain: No body would like adding extra unnecessary pounds to their body. But weight gain comes in as a deleterious effect of mid night snacking. According to experts, snacking after dinner can ignite weight gain mechanism in the body since it increases your total calorie intake per day. Moreover, during night time, your body is not active so much so that it can digest the food the way it does during rest of the day.

Routine Disturbances: Ever heard of the term “biological clock”? It is actually the intrinsic clock that every organism possesses. Your body well knows when to eat, when to work and when to rest. If, at the time of rest, that is late at night, you go on nibbling upon snacks, this habit can disturb the intrinsic routine of your body in many ways. Like, you won’t be able to attain a proper sleep after gobbling down food, which can likely affect your morning routine.

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