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Health benefits of the Black tea

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Black tea is made from the plant Camellia sinensis, the same plant from which four of the most popular tea are made, this four are of course, black tea but also green, white and oolong tea. Black tea has stronger flavor than the other three and contains more caffeine. Most of the black tea in the West comes from India and China. The benefits of black tea are many, so here is what you can improve in your health by adding black tea in your diet:

–          Black tea is most famous for its benefits on the cardio vascular system. The abundance of antioxidants and flavonoids prevent stroke and heart disease, Black tea reduces blood cloth and also helps in coronary vasodilation.

–          The black tea has Polyphenols which are helpful in preventing the appearance of carcinogens; it helps prevent some certain kinds of cancer, such as lung, prostate etc.

–          The caffeine in the black tea (there are significantly lower amount than the coffee) improves the blood flow in the brain. It is also shown in studies that the black tea is responsible for regulation of the stress hormone and helps maintain or even boost your memory.

–          Another benefit from the presence of caffeine in the tea is that it stimulates your metabolism, there is also another compound in the tea that improves the function of the respiratory system, kidneys and the heart and this is theophylline.

–          Recent studies show that black tea is good for your oral health, polyphenols and tannin are working as antibiotics and stop the bacteria to cause tooth decay, and polyphenols also destroy the bacteria that causes bad breath.

–          The presence of tannins in the tea makes it great immune system booster, help prevent or reduce the symptoms of flu and cold.


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