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Healthy Food Tips for Children

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How do I know if I should worry about eating habits or my child’s activities?

It can be a challenge to realize if something in the behavior of a child to worry really. Signs that may warrant a call to the family doctor includes your child anything that seems unusual on the habits and common patterns of your child.

Does it seem as if your child eats out of boredom, for comfort or in response to other emotions?

This is called emotional eating. The emotional eating can result in weight problems, or make the existing weight problems worse. It can also be an indicator that your child is struggling to control emotions such as depression or stress.

Pay attention to warning signs of eating disorders. Among others includes being too concerned about calories, eager to body weight, eating nothing, gorging on food or exercise excessively. While not common in children, eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia can occur, and the risk increases as the child grows and becomes a teenager and then a young adult.

If you have concerns about your child’s behavior, be sure to talk with your child’s physician.

Help your child choose healthy food options

  • Be a role model, choose healthy foods and snacks for you and them.
  • Keep healthy snacks at home.
  • Teach your child how to make healthy choices from school lunches.
  • Limit meals at fast food restaurants. When you consume fast food, choose the healthier options on the menu there.
  • Choose rewards “active” rather than reward “passive” preferred baseball glove before the smoothie, or ice skating before video games.
  • Forget the “clean plate rule” allow your child to learn when you feel full, and respect that limit.
  • Be persistent in their efforts to incorporate healthy food choices. Children do not always open to new things on the first try, to constantly offer healthy choices, improve the chances that your child develop healthy eating habits.

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