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Heart Disease; Its Factors and How to Avoid it

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Based on recent researches, heart disease is one of the leading death causes for both genders throughout the world. Each year, there are almost a million of people in the universe die because of this disease. There are some factors, which can cause heart disease like wrong diet implementation and lifestyle. Yet, there are several elements, which increase the risk of suffering from heart disease such as:

  • Older age

When we are older, then the risk is increasing because an older person hesitates to have more activities and exercises.

  • Races

Some races like South Asia, Afro-American, Aboriginal or Indian has higher risk of heart disease than any other race

  • Genders

Male has higher risk of heart disease.

  • Family’s heart disease history


It can be avoided by doing some exercises and applying healthy lifestyle
However, everyone has the risk of suffering from heart disease because of the nowadays’ lifestyle. Most foods are served instantly and they can lead to various diseases other than heart disease like cholesterol and diabetes. Other influential factor can be less of exercise. People prefer to go everywhere by cars though the distances can be very close. Some important tips to follow include

Consume only good fats

Good fats are available on Omega 3 fatty acids which are contained in some foods like tuna, salmon and olive oil.

Consume food with high fiber and protein ingredients

Fiber food is very advantageous for lowering levels of LDL. Good fibers are available on fruit, grains, vegetables and beans. Protein which is found on chicken or seafood is find because it has mild protein which is safe for human’s body

Exercise regularly

Though it may sound obvious, many people take this for granted because of their high level of activities. Cardiovascular exercise the best one though everyone should ask for medical advices beforehand.



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