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Help Your Hair Grow Healthy

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Just like any other part of your body, your hair needs proper nutrition and good care to grow healthily and shine greatly. No doubt, many amongst the readers may be in the pursuit of treating their hair naturally as we all believe that too much exposure to chemical destroys the smoothness and shine of our hair.

We can notice even the slightest change in the texture and volume of our hair, for the reason that we tend to be more conscious about this aspect of our persona that any other thing.

Putting aside the eternal care we provide, a well balanced diet is the biggest secret behind a stack of healthy hair strands on the scalp. Let s see what kind of nutrition in our diet helps us achieve our goal.

Salmon: now this kind of fish in your diet is going to promote the health of your hair greatly as it contains omega-3-fatty acids, vitamin B 12 and iron. It is also highly loaded with proteins, which your hair actually requires to build up. Its mineral component, iron, aids in increasing blood circulation of scalp which in turn adds to the health of hair.

Beans: beans in your diet can provide your body with enough proteins which would also help your hair grow. Not only this, but the food also contains zinc, iron and biotin. Studies suggest that not enough stores of zinc for hair can make them thin, dull, grey, and they ultimately break off.

Nuts: another source of zinc and omega-3 fatty acids in diet is through walnuts, cashew nuts and pea nuts.



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