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High Salt Intake is Associated with Childhood Obesity

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Of course, the salt is one of those double-edged foods. On one hand, it makes an important nutritional contribution, but if consumed excessively, can lead to many problems in our body, especially in relation to blood pressure.

But, the consumption of salt has other implications, including children, who sometimes are forced involuntarily to consume large doses of salt if they live under a roof in which its inhabitants are fans of this condiment. High salt intake in children leads to a problem in the child’s health. This is known to be associated with obesity.

A study by members of St. George’s Hospital, University of London has investigated the relationship between excessive salt intake by children and the incidence of consumption of cola and sugary soft drinks in general, which revealed result in a higher salt intake, increased consumption of soft drinks, thus higher level of obesity.

Analyzing some 1,688 volunteers from four to eighteen and applying the use of a questionnaire related to a diet taken for seven days, it was determined that the salt is one of the causes of consumption of sweetened beverages in children, which are, in turn, one of the main causes of childhood obesity.

Salt intake is fine, but consume excessively, this may increase the risk of obesity and hypertension in children.

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