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Home teeth whitening- a dazzler smile awaits

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Everyone loves to show-off their pearly white teeth when they laugh, smile or pose for a photograph. But if you have pale yellow teeth, even opening your mouth when you utter seems much of an embarrassment in front of others. So what can you do to whiten your teeth without spending your precious time and money by going to a dentist? Well, there are many home teeth whitening options that you should know about.

Affordable stain removing tips:

Some of the best at-home teeth whitening tips can help you regain the beauty of your smile. In order to say good-bye to the stains which are ruining the brightness of your teeth, the following remedies might help:

Make use of banana peel:

Instead of throwing away the banana peel, you can use it as a teeth whitener. How? It’s easy. Take the banana peel, dry it and crush it into powder form. Rub it on the pale part of your teeth and within a few days, you will start noticing brighter teeth.

Hard cheese; a yummy teeth whitening remedy:

Cheese not only prevents your teeth from decay, but is also a great teeth whitening remedy. Like all dairy products, it contains lactic acid which is good for dental health.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables for a dazzler smile:

Fruits and veggies are known for being healthy, but do you know they are healthy for your teeth too? Apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, broccoli and several other vegetables work efficiently to remove extrinsic stains from the surface of your teeth. They do this by simply rubbing against the teeth and hence cleaning them.

Lighten up your life with a gorgeous smile!

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