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Breast self exam has to do with you as an individual because it is you that will perform this procedure and most preferably a couple of days after your period when your breasts are less tender or swollen. One significance for breast self exam is that it enables you to gain mastery and to be able to recognize the normal breast from an early stage such that in case of any occurrence that there is any abnormality, you will be able to notice and detect it. Normally it is recommended for one to starĀ  t this procedure from age 20 and continue throughout the life.


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A few points to note is that for a woman that is past menopause, they should pick a day every month that it will be easy for them to remember possibly the first day of every month and those who are under some hormonal or contraceptives should consult their doctors on when to perform the breast self exam.

Now, normally one has to ask this question, why do we do this procedure or what changes are we looking for exactly and the following are some of the changes that are quite significant as far as this procedure is concerned:

1. Any breast swelling on one or both breasts.

2. Dimpling also known as skin irritation.

3. Abnormalities of the nipple including; any redness, pain on the nipple, the nipple turning inward and the presence of scales.

4. Presence of any lump in the breast.

5. Any other discharge instead of milk that is a normal phenomenon in lactating women.

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Therefore, one can conclude that the significance and advantages of breast exam are not to be overlooked and so every lady should be informed start self breast exam as early as twenty.


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