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How to Avoid Fatigue During the Day

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Surely more than once, we have had a long  and tiring day. Those days in which we yawn over 50 times in a row. At such times, we just wish that there is a bed near us so we can lay down and sleep right away.

Yes, we’ve all had several excruciating days like that. As much as we sleep at night, many times, we get tired as if we didn’t have slept a wink. Does that happen often? Do not you continue sleeping in the office? Learn how to avoid tiredness during the day to stay awake and energetic all day.

Sleep well at night. To be awake and energetic during the day, get enough rest at night. Try to sleep the recommended 8 hours a day.

Stay away from distractions. Bedtime is bedtime. When you lay in your bed, turn off the lights, the TV, stereo, and keep the books. Just close your eyes and focus on rest.

Followsa fixed schedule. Many times, we are tired during the day because our schedules are a mess. One way to get the body used to the habit is to respect a time to go to sleep and another to get up. You’ll feel much better.

Try going to bed earlier. If you are a night owl, you will likely feel tired during the day. Try adjusting your schedule to go to bed earlier and sleep better. For example, today, attempt to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual.

Follow a healthy diet. Food is essential to keep us energized. You must meet the 4 daily meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) and eat snacks between them to regulate our energy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water because hydration is very important to be awake. Try to eat light for 3 hours before bedtime to sleep.

Make exercise. Unlike what you think, exercise regularly, but do not tire yourself. This give us more strength and helps us be more clear and alert during the day and falling fast asleep for the night.

Do not sleep if it’s too late. I’ve seen that naps are good , but only when conducted after lunch or early afternoon. If you sleep past 5, it’s too late and costs more sleep at night.

Relax before bedtime. Creating a kind of ritual of relaxation for sleep is beneficial. Take a hot bath, listen to soft music, or drink a glass of milk.



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