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How to Fight Dry Skin

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The dry skin is a common situation to find. Apart from affecting the appearance of the skin, it causes discomfort and can lead to great irritation. It can get worse with daily activities, such as using soap and detergent, as well as leading to serious wounds in the skin, hands, arms, legs, and face. We will tell you how to combat dry skin, so you can hydrate your skin and stop suffering from the consequences of the dryness.

Be careful what you use

If you have dry skin, you should be extra careful with the products you use for washing clothes, and soap you use for your skin, since their components tend to damage your skin. You can wear gloves when you use any detergent and use a soap that suits your skin.

Also, keep in mind that long showers with hot water remove necessary oils in your skin. Therefore, you should make a quick shower of 5 to 10 minutes maximum. In addition, you should use a moisturizer in the next 5 to 10 minutes after the shower, to retain moisture of your skin.

Ingredients that can help

Products containing certain ingredients can help you, like the following:

  • Ceramide: helps retain skin moisture and make it more smooth.
  • Dimethicone and glycerin: these components extract water from the skin and retain it.
  • Hyaluronic acid: also helps keep skin hydrated.
  • Products with petroleum jelly and mineral oil can also be of great help and quickly hydrates the skin.

Other measures

Some changes in your lifestyle can help improve your skin. Drinking plenty of water can help keep you hydrated in every way. The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids help improve skin. You can consume increasing the fish in your diet or through supplements.

If your skin itches, apply a corticosteroid cream and put ice in the affected area. Do not scratch it, as it only further irritates your skin.

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