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How to help a person who suffers from depression

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Depression is a complex mental illness and is something more than sadness, helplessness, consternation, languidness, self-criticism, reclusion, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, social isolation etc… symptoms of depression and their intensity vary from a person to person.


The term depression is often confused with bad mood. You can hear many people say they are depressed, only because they are sad for certain happenings or they`ve just woke up tired and with low level of energy. Depression is more serious than many people think, it’s a state from which is very hard to escape and cannot be healed only with few advices.

Depression concerns every aspect of a person’s life, but that’s not all, it causes damage also to the people around the depressed person. It is not easy at all to be close with a person suffering from depression, close to a person that loses the will to live. In that case you do everything you can to make this person happy and to blow away those pessimistic thoughts, but all in vain.

Few advices how to help to a depressed person:

                Accept that depression is a serious illness and don’t ignore it, this illness cannot be healed by itself.

Convince this person to ask for a professional help. Many victims deny they suffer from depression and refuse to ask any type of professional help. Don’t forget you can always replace psychiatrists and try to talk to this people.

Inform – the more you know, the more you can help

               Never judge or criticize people suffering from depression.

              Don’t be scared to ask if the person have suicidal thoughts.

              Give all your love and be supportive.

              Never give up, battles with depression can be long and hard, but persistence always wins.

You must know that you need to be psychologically ready because in the end depression can be inflicted to you.


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