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How to identify stomach flu

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Stomach flu commonly known as viral gastroenteritis is an inflammation process of the stomach and the intestines or bowels as a result of a virus. This is as a matter of fact the leading cause of severe diarrhea in both children and adults. There are many types of viruses that cause the stomach flu, but the common ones include the following; norovirusastrovirusrotavirus, etc.

The signs and symptoms of viral gastroenteritis include the following;

1. Abdominal pain that could be very sickening sometimes is one of the signs and symptoms of this condition.

male torso, pain in the abdomen

2. Diarrhea that could range from mild to severe is another sign and in severe cases, immediate restorative measures need to be undertaken to restore the lost fluids and salts from the body to prevent any further complications.

3. Nausea and vomiting is another sign that could greatly task your body of your body fluids and cause dehydration. On losses a lot of fluids and electrolytes as a result of severe vomiting and so close monitoring by a health professional is recommended.

4. Fever that is usually mild could accompany this disease as well.

5. Weight loss is usually visible especially after some period of time following the disease infection. It could be due to the severe loss of fluids and the nausea and vomiting over time.

6. Anorexia or lack of appetite that usually leads to poor feeding is another characteristic of this disease.

In-conclusion, there are other not so common signs and symptoms that could point to this disease which includes, chills, excessive sweating, clammy skin and joint stiffness and muscle pain. Knowledge of all of the above could help in early detection and diagnosis of the same and hence early treatment of the stomach flu.


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