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How to Prevent Skin Allergies

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The Atopic Dermatitis is characterized by poor fat production in the skin. If you are suffering such a condition you must often creams or lubricants on the affected areas. Because prolonged hot baths or getting skin degreased are mot the solution.

After bathing, use a smoothing cream of your choice and one that “sits well”. We recommend to use ‘cold creams’, instead of lanolin, which has fewer chemicals added, and especially without perfumes. There are many options. You can use fattier creams in the winter. You must use it at least once a day, after bathing, but it is usually necessary to apply several times a day, depending on how dry your skin is, and the cream of your choice, even if there are no active lesions at that time.

Where there are active lesions of dermatitis include redness, ronchitas, cracks, or thickening of the skin, creams should be used with anti-inflammatory steroid or cortisone-type that are prescribed by a doctor or a specialist. Sometimes it will merit to be accompanied by local antiseptics or antibiotics separately or mixed. In most cases it will also take antihistamines, which remove the allergic reaction and reduce itching immediately. It should be emphasized that given cortisone creams help imrpove the condition, you must not stop using these prescribed medications midway. If you are unsure about the type, frequency and timing of application of these creams, please contact us before suspending them.

It must be well understood that most people with skin allergy will always have very sensitive skin. Despite a good initial progress, relapses can occur easily due to the chronic nature of the disease, as there are other factors associated with allergy related to the high sensitivity of these types of skin.


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