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Hydro Bill Out of Control? Try These Money Saving Tips

By on October 18, 2017 in General with 0 Comments

One of the key ways to keep your personal books balanced is to practice smart financial planning. That means studying each of your costs every month and thinking of ways to bring them down in a manner that will cause minimal impact to your preferred lifestyle. There has been much in the news about hydro costs (especially if you live in Ontario), but in addition to government subsidies, there are other ways you can help to lower that monthly total:

Get a smart thermostat

Remember the days when your dad constantly complained about the temperature in the house, turned down the thermostat, and then you would secretly turn it back up? Do you use electric heating, such as baseboard heaters? Nowadays, a smart thermostat means that you can set it and essentially forget it. The temperature will automatically adjust to stay within a certain range that you want. It will even automatically turned off at night or when you are not home. The savings on your electrical charges can be substantial over time, more than justifying the installation costs.

Do things in the evening

Most areas have the day split into different times known as Off-peak, Mid-peak, and On-peak. The latter represents the time of day when electricity charges are the highest, typically between 11 AM and 5 PM. The Off-peak time is usually 7 PM until 7 AM; try to do things that require a lot of power during this time period as it will be the cheapest.

Be sure to unplug things

Just because you are not using something does not necessarily mean it then ceases to use power. Battery chargers, charging bases, smart TVs, and other modern electronic devices continue to use power when plugged in. Unplug them when they are not in use; a plug bar makes this process a snap.

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