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Importance of eating fruits

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Fruits are essential due to the following reasons.

First they have roughage which helps in the digestion. The fiber is not digested, but aids in excretion which removes wastes faster from the body. It also helps people with thyroid sickness because the bulk they add to food makes one feel full for long hence reducing amount of snacks taken. Such fruits include guava avocado and apples.

Secondly, fruits like vitis vinefera are added in cakes to make them more delicious and enhance the flavor. Bakers use the fruits to increase their market for cakes since several people like taking fruits hence cakes made of fruits are marketable.

Thirdly, fruits have a sweet scent which makes them serve as air fresheners. Apple mangoes provide a sweet aroma as they are ripening. In-addition fruits like horned melon have been used to decorate houses due to their unique shape.

Fourthly, fruits are made to generate economic benefit. Grapes are widely known to be used to manufacture wine. Nevertheless, other fruits like plum, cherry and dandelion are fermented to make fruit wine. When wine is sold money is earned that is a source of living for many.


Fifthly, they enhance weight loss in different ways. First, vitamin C in lemons makes the body integrate calcium in the cells that contain fat hence cutting weight. Lemons also reduce sugar absorption in the body. Second, the fiber in fruits that are not digested keeps one feeling their stomach is full reducing the desire to eat.

Sixthly, watermelons and pineapples are used to quench thirst. This is because they contain a high percentage of water. Moreover, they provide sugar for instance bananas, which can be consumed by people with diabetes.

Lastly, they boost immunity and physical appearance. Fruits like bananas contain potassium which helps the body organs function properly. Oranges have vitamin C is helps harden bones. Vitamins in fruits help in repair and growth. Someone who takes fruits regularly has a better immunity which enhances resistance to diseases. They enhance appearance by making the skin look nourished.


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