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Ingrown toe nails

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What are they?

A common nail disease in which, the nail instead of growing straight, tends to curve and grow in the surrounding tissue (skin). An ingrown toe nail may present due to the pressure on the nail (which may be because of wearing shoes).
The ingrown toe nail usually seems to affect the big toe.

What causes ingrown toe nails?

Naturally curved toe nails
Wearing shoes that are narrow in front, crowding and pressurizing the toe nails
Cutting the toenails in a slant or curved fashion (esp. from sides or corners) and cutting them too short.

What would this do to you?

An ingrown toe nail always causes infection since it breaks the normal barriers of the body (skin). If piercing is deep enough- bone infection. Tissue decay may result from the condition. Circulation may be impaired.

Signs and symptoms:

Pain with tenderness
Swollen toenail
Infection with pus

Treatment and prevention:

Normally, the toenail that is trying to get into the skin is lifted up. This is done by placing cotton near the edges of the nail. Little pain may accompany but with time it will fade away. The toe nail may also grow in its place if redirected.
Filing the toenails from side of the nail bed regularly will straighten and prevent them from growing in a curved manner.
Nails should be trimmed straight and not too deep.
To relieve pain, nails should be soaked in warm water.
Proper cleaning should be done to avoid infection.



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