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Internet Addiction Linked to Depression

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The time spent in front of the computer may vary from person to person, and chances are that this activity does not affect your daily life too much. However, there is a group of internet savvy people who really do have difficulty controlling the time they use the web. As you all know, they are the  “Internet addicts”.

According to a study by psychologists in the UK, there is a link between excessive internet use and depression. The findings of the study are based on the responses from 1,319 individuals who answered ​​an online questionnaire. They were asked about the amount of time  used on the Internet and for what purposes. They were also asked a series of questions to assess if they were suffering from depression. Respondents belonged to an average of 21 years.

A 1.2% of the total were classified as Internet addicts. These people are characterized, among other things, replace real social interaction mediated by interaction through chat systems and social networks.

Internet addicts were significantly more depressed than non-addicted groups, with a depression score of five times more. The research indicates that excessive Internet use is associated with depression, but it is not known whether there is a direct causal link. Whether depressed people use the Internet more or is that depression is caused by Internet is not known.

Dr. Vaughan Bell, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, said those individuals identified as “Internet addicts” are emotionally disturbed. Therefore, the findings of this study may not be seen as a big surprise. The explanation of this fact is that it probably will be because people who suffer from depression or anxiety are more likely to use the web.

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