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Is Your Dieting Program Done Properly

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When a dieter thinks that she has applied proper diet but there is no significant result shows up, then she applies wrong dieting methods. Common mistakes that people think about diet are reducing calories and fat. Period. There are actually various kinds of diets depending on a person’s metabolism system. So, when a woman applies a successful diet method from her best friend, it does not mean that the dieting method will work well on her too.

Don’t worry, there are still general tips which let every woman enjoy her beautiful body shape while staying fit and healthy without reducing their food intakes.


#1 : Never Skip Calories

This is the first and the most common mistakes that many people have done for years. It is true that too much calories can kill them, but getting less adequate calories will deliver major body disorder. Everyone needs proper calories amount depending on one’s height, weight, and age. Salads are healthy in some cases when they are consumed with proper varieties of dressing. Salad bar has high level of calories, but one still can enjoy it as long as one reduces cheese, eggs and some meats

#2 : Never Apply Too Strict Diet

Restrictive dieting is definitely the worst weight loss method, ever. You must have heard about a dieting method that only allows you to have one time meal. It is obvious that it is dangerous for body’s health and this can even lead to serious diseases and surely unexpected results. One may lose her weight but when she starts eating in normal ways, she will get her body weight back again because she will be starved more than usual

It is also important to pay attention on what we drink. The safest one is water and this is an absolute thing. Avoid soda and concentrated juice, as they are high in calories.


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