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The Joys of Drinking Green Tea

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Have you noticed that the world is obsessed with coffee? You have no doubt seen how busy Starbucks always seems to be and, if you live in Canada, the line outside Tim Horton’s suggests that this is the last day coffee will be available ever again.

People love their coffee, and by definition, caffeine. However, a steady diet of caffeine consumption is not good for your blood pressure and it can compromise your sleep patterns. That means you start the workday all groggy and unable to think, so you reach for a coffee and…you can probably see where this is going, right?

Green tea does not have as much caffeine as regular coffee. In fact, you can also get decaffeinated green tea. Frankly, it is better for you to be having at the office, or anywhere else, than your regular coffee fix.

Caffeine can jump start your brain, but this effect does not last unless you keep drinking it. As mentioned, regular green tea contains some caffeine, but also offers the amino acid L-theanine, which can reduce anxiety. It also increases the production of dopamine and alpha waves, both very beneficial to brain function.

Many drinks containing caffeine also include sugar, a very good way for you to gain weight. By contrast, green tea increases your metabolic rate, which also adds to the amount of fat that you burn.

Green tea also contains anti-oxidants. These can help reduce the chances of you getting various types of cancer. The catechin compounds in green tea can also help to reduce the possibility of getting neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It may not look as sexy or offer as many sweet and addictive flavors as you can get at the local designer coffee establishment, but green tea really should be a regular part of your daily routine.

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