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Keys to Long Life

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A study developed by Friedman and Martin found the key to better living a long life. This research was recently published in the book “The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life”.

The keys to long life according to this study are:

– Marriage may be good for the health of men, but not really for women. Married men usually reach the age of 70 years and older, while less than one third of divorced men do not live longer than 70 years.

– “Do not work too hard, do not stress.” This sentence was not true for this study, since the very productive people lived much longer than people who more relaxed.

– Start education at an early age was a factor of early mortality. Have enough playing time and be able to relate to classmates is very important for children.

– Playing with pets was not associated with longer life. They can improve welfare, but are not a substitute for social life.

– The war veterans are less likely to live long, but it is surprising that psychological stress of the war itself is not necessarily a health threat. Rather, it is a cascade of unhealthy patterns. Those who find meaning in a traumatic experience are able to restore a sense of security about the world.

– People who feel loved and cared for have a greater sense of well being, but does not help them live longer. The clearest advantage of the health of social relations has to be helping others. The groups are often associated with the type of person, with the healthy group and those who are not aware of another.

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