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Lactoferrin; an anti-acne remedy you should know about

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It is a myth that consuming dairy products results in worsening of acne. The facts aren’t clear yet but let me surprise you by the amazing anti-acne properties found in a protein found in cow’s milk. Lactoferrin, a protein which is one of the components of fermented cow’s milk has been proven to lessen acne breakouts and treat inflammation.

How it works?

Lactoferrin works as a bactericidal agent to finish off the bacteria causing acne. How it does this is by simply by attaching iron to it. Iron doesn’t reach the bacteria and the bacteria need iron to grow.

Secondly, bacteria also have receptors for this protein. Now when the protein binds to the receptor, the iron which is attached to the protein causes production of peroxides. Peroxides causes harm to the bacterial cells and the cell is ultimately destroyed.

Thirdly, this protein also has the power to promote the mechanism by which the immune cells of the body eat up the bacteria. Not only this, it also reduces the inflammatory reactions. How? Well, lactoferrin inhibits the productions of chemicals that are responsible to cause inflammation.

Lactoferrin also lessens the synthesis of sebum in the sebaceous glands. It does this by reducing the lipid as well as the triglycerides in the skin and this inhibits sebum production.

What else you need to know?

It is completely safe when lactoferrin is taken within food. Lactoferrin supplements are also available in the market and should be taken after a professional’s advice. People with lactose intolerance should definitely see a doctor before they use lactoferrin supplements.



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