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LASIK Surgery a Lot Safer than Using Contacts in the Long-Term

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It was not long ago when people thought allowing a surgeon to use Laser technology in the correction of visual defects was a bit extreme and mostly unnecessary.  But with advances in technology, better training, leading eye doctors and collected data, it has been suggested that a corrective eye surgery might be a lot safer than wearing contacts over a long period of time.

Studies published in the journal Archives of Ophthalmology now conclude that a procedure like LASIK might be a far safer bet than wearing contact lenses for number of years. Data suggests that one in 100 among daily contact lens wearers are in risk of developing a serious lens-related infection, while one in 2000 developed infections that led to significant vision loss.

That number is less than one in 10,000 for those who chose surgical correction.

The data seems to not just suggest that surgery is the better option (and definitely far more convenient, as you will not have to put in lenses everyday), but it also tells how most of us who do use contacts end up making mistakes at some point of time.

Ophthalmologists suggest that it is understandable as the ones who do use contacts for several ears either forget to clean them properly or at times use tap water to store them. This, along with a growing trend of leaving them on while sleeping, leads to serious infections.

With rapid advances in Laser technology and growing expertise when it comes to using them in the right fashion, the risks involved with a surgery like LASIK have come down drastically in the last few years.

That scenario is only likely to improve and risks cut down further with each passing day, as more and more opt for Laser eye surgery in London, New York, Melbourne and other cosmopolitan hubs across the globe, will improve both the technical knowledge and technological means. Going by factors like safety, long-term health and simply convenience, LASIK certainly trumps contacts for those who wish to get rid of vision defects permanently.


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