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Laughter and Your Health Benefits

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Laughter not just  makes us happy, but also makes us more social. It serves to relax and makes us alert. But beyond all this, laughter has many benefits that are directly related to our health.

Laughter is a natural relaxant for excellence. A good laugh can make us forget physical stress for at least 45 minutes.

The reason is that, it immediately relieves stress. Furthermore, when we laugh, our bodies release endorphins, which are neurotransmitters to the nervous system, that gives us a quick sense of energy and wellbeing.

Laughing also provides great benefits for the heart and immune system. Interesting, right? When we laugh, our blood vessels dilate and therefore, the blood flows better.

As for the immune system, the studies are surprising. When we laugh, we generate more amount of antibodies, which are natural antibiotics that defend us from diseases. This is the why people with high stress are more likely to get sick.

Laughter also helps the smooth functioning of our mind, predisposes us to social relations, and also helps us deal with difficult situations such as loss or disappointment. When we laugh, this is because a situation seems fun and funny. This is why it is impossible to laugh and be sad at the same time.

In those seconds that we allow our bodies to forget the pain, we are helping to it to take courage to face problems and tough situations. It also makes the mind begin to think in perspective. Therefore, our thoughts are more realistic, more apt to promote acceptance and generate fast, effective solutions.

If you change your mood, just let yourself laugh and share funny situations.

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