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Should Libraries Change with the Times?

By on July 20, 2017 in Health with 0 Comments

The short answer to this is obviously yes, shouldn’t everything? Progress is a good thing, moving forward is better than backwards. Arguably, the shift of libraries to open communities’ centres of learning and open access is a good thing. And it is. But…isn’t there something that is lost by democratizing knowledge as much as we have? By making things available to everyone, do we not then need to sink to the lowest common denominator? This is becoming an especially egregious problem nowadays because with the increasing prevalence of ‘special snowflake syndrome’ , the idea that everyone’s opinion is valid and that every possible handicap (real or perceived) needs to be aggressively accommodated is bringing us all down. How much teaching can actually be happening in a space where there are constant interruptions and endless ‘needs’ that must be taken care of? How much scholarly independence can there be if taxpayers deem themselves customers and begin to treat the staff like members of the service class (who, don’t get me wrong, should not be referred to as such, nor treated with anything less than kindness and respect). Why can’t we have nice things anymore? Why is it so wrong to want a quit space filled with books and meant for reading. Does everything need bells and whistles? Have we lost our ability to reflect in silence. If libraries are a reflection of the community, then what does it say about us if ours are no longer places dedicated to learning and the history thereof? Progress is good, and important, but we don’t need to bury and improve everything from the past, sometimes, the original was the best. Libraries have been around for thousands of years, but if we keep going the way we are, they might not exist for much longer, or, if they do, they might not have any books.


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