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At friendly gatherings and social events, people do tend to eat as the temptation finally wins the urge to resist. Even if the person is on a diet, it’s hard to resist the food which is warm and ever inviting.

People normally do dieting in order to lose weight or to maintain a simple figure. People also do dieting due to lifestyle changes.

Take these tips into account and not getting fat in return:

1: Eat fruits such as watermelon, peaches, pears, apple and cantaloupe. Eat them with an ice cream or yogurt.

2: Decorate the desserts with fruits increasing the nutrient content

3: Fill the pies and cakes with fruits too. It provides fiber and moisture in the pies and cake.

4: Take desserts in small quantities and remember that in a long time the weight will reduce.

5: Take low fat sweeteners and don’t take natural sugars.

For reducing fats

1: Eat skinless chicken and lean meat should be taken

2: Don’t take any more fatty portions of leg and pork. So is the case with lamb.

3: Take skin milk and avoid cream milk.

4: Don’t take creamy dressings and so remains the case with dishes and salads.

5: Employ cooking spray wax for lessening the quantities.

6: Employ oil and avoid margarine instead. Avoid lard and butter as they all contain cholesterol.

7: Take fresh cheese as this cheese includes mozzarella, lean, ricotta and dambo cheese.

For lessening the sugar consumption

1: Eat less in the daytime as dinner is rich in calorie.

2: Take a lot of salad and lot of vegetables.

3: Eat slowly and quietly in good company.

4: Do eat wheat germ, oats and bran for increasing fiber content.

5: Eat healthy snacks, smoothies, cereal bars, yogurt, fruit and low fat crackers. They have fiber content in them.



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