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Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

By on October 4, 2012 in Dieting, Health, Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Liquid diets are increasingly popular. These are designed for obese people who need to lose weight quickly. The liquid diet weight loss reduce calorie intake. Here we have for you more information, along with a few tips so that you get to learn  more about this process of thinning.

First, do not mix  liquid diet with exercise . The energy involved in strenuous physical activity is unsustainable on a liquid diet. The liquid diet will make you lose weight quickly and, unless you are very overweight, exercise is not always necessary. Remember that a doctor should monitor you if you exercise as you take a low calorie liquid diet.

You should also keep an adequate caloric intake. What else you want to reduce your calories to lose weight you must provide your body enough energy to function properly. A liquid diet is not recommended to apply for a long term as it has far fewer calories than the body needs. Intake of liquid meals less than 420 calories are dangerous and can cause anemia, fatigue and muscle loss. Therefore, each meal should exceed this amount of calories.

Take a break and eat solid food. Never plan your diet for too long around a liquid diet. Your body needs solid food too. Lean meats and vegetables are some of the food that will give you strength and energy.

Caution: The liquid diet for weight loss should not be followed by children, adolescents, patients, diabetics, or depressive hypotensive.

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