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Listen to Your Body Signs

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We should be grateful that our body has warning system, which can let us know whether we should have a rest or we are prone of catching cold. We might feel very sleepy and this is a sign of several things as we are tired or lacking of oxygen when we sit for longer time. Another common sign is that we sneeze all of a sudden. This is the reaction of our body in attacking something that enter our body which are about to attack our immune system.

This is important to give fast response. Most of just ignore after we are sneezing and we only think that we are inhaling particles or dusts. Even though it may be true, everyone should also realize that sneezing could lead to severe cold. So, there should be fast solution so that the virus or sickness does not spread on our body. We all know for sure that cold is dangerous enough for our body as there will be worsening system of body immune. When we catch cold, we badly cannot do anything and we always feel restless all the time. This is an important sign that we need to take medical steps or having lots of rest.

It is recommended to have fast medical action by taking medicines for influenza for the first steps. The next important thing is to have a good rest and drink plenty of water. They might look simple but they can deliver good impact on our body. We should wear masks when we have kids or infants in the house as the virus can spread easily and in fast way.

For the best prevention, eating nutritious food like vegetables and fruits that are rich of antioxidants are very helpful. Though everyone has different levels of immune system, good nutrition from those sources always help human’s body to have better protection against free radical and all kinds of viruses.


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