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Lose belly fat with diet and exercise

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It is a fact that you can`t lose belly fat if you don`t reduce the total percent of bodily fat. Researchers say that the best way to lose belly fat is combining healthy food with some types of specific exercises. Even the best diet can`t be good without exercising. That is why you need to do exercises for the abdominal muscles and ordinary weight losing exercises, such as cardio fitness, running, hiking cycling etc.

need to diet

Here are some few good advices how to start the process of weight losing: Never eat at least three hours before you go to bed; Do not eat sweets and chips; Do not drink beer and carbonated drinks; Do not eat white bread, but you can eat whole grain bread. You can lose fat fast if you eat healthy and clean, and if you do exercise or sports. Here is a plan for a diet you can do for a week; while you are doing diets make sure you consume enough minerals and vitamins.

The Diet

Breakfast is same every day: cup of muesli with milk (eat it with small spoon)

Snack: Dry almonds, walnuts, one hand full of hazelnuts (under 50 grams)

Lunch: This is your main meal in this diet, for lunch you can eat meat and fish as much as you want, steak, lamb, lean pork meat. Avoid processed meat products, such as meat paste etc. You can eat one piece of black bread, cook the meat the way you like, but avoid fried every day.

Snack: fruits, one apple, pear, hand full of strawberries or raspberries. Avoid bananas unless you are going to exercise.

Dinner: Three variations with vegetable soup:  vegetable soup without noodles, sardines or tuna fish one loaf of black bread; Vegetable soup without noodles, glass of yogurt and one loaf of black bread; Vegetable soup without noodles, two boiled eggs and one tomato.


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