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Maintain good health of your eyes

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As we are getting older our vision may start to weaken, this can happen due to many factors, but no matter what the factors of your vision problems there are are many things you can do in order to prevent your vision health from declining. One of the most important things you can do about your eyes and vision is the crucial factor for preventing any disease, this is maintaining healthy lifestyle and diet.

Including some certain nutrients in your diet is very important, so including fish and dark green leafy vegetable, such as kale, spinach etc. is good for your eyes but it is also very good for your overall health. Fish, salmon particularly, is one of the super good foods for you eyesight, because of the Omega – 3 fatty acids and the vitamins and minerals. Vision can benefit from regular intake of Vitamin A, E and C; some phytonutrients are improving the health of the retina. One of the main factors on the health of the eyes is the blood sugar, regulation of the blood sugar is crucial.

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Hygiene is also important factor about your eyesight, smoking and smoke from cigarettes are two of the most common reasons for bad eye health, try to stay away from cigarettes smoke, but also exhaust fumes, industrial pollution or any other air pollution. Another important prevention is to use eye protection, wear sunglasses especially when going out for a longer period on sunny days, wear protection when you are practicing sports or working something with sparks or particle effects. If you have pollen allergy, stay safe as away from pollen, especially on days with highest concentration in the air. Try to keep your eyes fresh, when working on computer, stand up for five minutes and give your eyes little rest.


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