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Make oily skin better

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There is nobody I know who likes to have oily skin. Oily face looks quite unpleasant and dirty and it also true that carrying an oily face everywhere is even more unpleasant. To make oily skin better, you can carry out some simple remedies that will definitely help you get a lowing oil free skin.


Following are easy and simple tricks of clearing up the oil from your face to give you a better skin:

Use face wash for oily skin twice a day:

To remove the sebum off your pretty face, you need to grab a face wash which is specifically designed for oily skin. Washing your face with it will help wash away the dirt and oil leaving a smoother oil free skin.

Almond and Honey paste:

Natural remedies are a blessing I tell you. The ingredients are not only easy to get, but they work surprisingly well. Take for example, almond and honey. You make a paste using these two magical contents and apply it your face. Don’t be too hard on your skin, apply gently. After a while, wash it away. This almond honey mask will give you a healthy drier skin.

Egg yolk for quickly treating oily skin:

Egg yolk on face? No I am not kidding. Egg yolk is the best remedy for getting a drier skin instantly. This is because it absorbs the oil nicely and dries off quickly. Keep this mask for about 10 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

Make sure you clean your skin properly after using make up. This is because make-up particles together with oil clog skin pores and this can lead to acne.

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