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Marrying Helps Gain Weight

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Perhaps the title is a little scary, but there is something true in that statement. But, this does not mean that love is the cause of our extra pounds or that we should avoid the “I do” to get a good silhouette.

A study in the University of North Carolina indicated that married men and women are twice as likely to gain weight than singles or those with a dating relationship. This research showed that in five years, married men and women gained between 3 and 5 kilos as opposed to single people.

They say that when a couple gets married, there is not the same pressure to look beautiful and fit as when you were dating and had yet to conquer the other person. So, marriage is more of “freedom” to neglect a little figure and cling to the food.

What can you do to prevent weight gain in your life together? Here are some tips:

Keep your habits positive. If your partner likes to eat sweets or junk food often, you do not have to fall into temptation. Instead, try changing your menu and promote good nutrition at home.

Go to the gym. Exercise is always more fun together than doing it alone. If you maintain consistency in the exercise, it improves your figure and help you be in better spirits. This change will make you look more attractive, that is a great help to increase the passion in the couple.

Engage in activities together. If the gym bores you, go dancing, go for a walk or perform any other thing that keeps you both active.

Cook together. It’s a good idea to start a proper diet. Choose a healthy menu to prepare at home. This will help you save money and calories at the same time.

Feed your relationship and your appetite. After dinner or as soon as you return from work, spend time together by doing crossword puzzles, playing a board game or doing puzzles. Keeping your brain and body active will help calm the urge to sit and eat a big bag of cookies or potato chips.

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