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Mud baths – health from the soil

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One of the most interesting methods of alternative medicine is mud bath, it has been performed especially in European spas for centuries and it is quite popular treatment for arthritis, it does improves the condition of those who have arthritis or other diseases disorders that involve inflammation. A bath of mud is usually found in areas that are associated with hot springs and volcanic ash, but also with lakes, seas, one of the most famous natural mud bath locations is the Dead Sea.


Today you can have a mud bath everywhere, spa and beauty centers offer more varieties of mud baths, the mud or the soil used for the bath is usually mixture of clay, volcanic ash, seaweed and other material with high percent of minerals, all this is soaked in spring or mineral water. The mixture is heated to a certain degree that will give you enjoyable experience.

Mud baths are proven in their efficiency when it comes to inflammation, they possess anti – inflammatory properties, besides arthritis, having mud bath can be beneficial to treatment of psoriasis, spondylitis and rosacea. The abundance of minerals in some of the substances in the mud bath is also good for your skin, can help with acne and itchy skin, potassium, sodium and magnesium can help soothe the skin and give healthier look.

Although spa and beauty centers are probably the best place you can go for a mud bath, there is also possibility to do these at home, for less money. There is also possibility to visit natural bath sites, there is mud, thermal, and saltwater baths all around the world, most of them are tourist resorts, such as the mud baths of Turkey, the region of the town Dalyan is believed that was visited by Cleopatra for its famous natural mud baths.


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