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Muscles Mass Can Keep Diabetes at Bay

By on September 8, 2012 in Health with 0 Comments

Those who spend hours at  the gym or the weight room to increase muscle mass usually do it for cosmetic reason, and not because the body enjoys sweat and pain that comes after lifting weights.

However, a study conducted at the University of California provides another motivation for the gym goers. It has been found that  development of muscle mass can prevent type 2 diabetes.

According to this study, the higher the muscle mass, lower is the risk of developing insulin resistance, sometimes resulting in increased levels of glucose in the blood and hence prone to type 2 diabetes. Thus, people with a higher percentage of muscle mass have a lower risk for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

However, it has not yet been established as to how much exercise is needed to prevent insulin resistance in people at risk for diabetes. But, this data provides at least a grain of sand on the way to prevent this disease that is so widespread and associated to cardiovascular diseases.

Not only is it important to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise , but also develop a higher average levels (always supervised by a professional) of physical strength and  muscle mass.

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