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Natural ways of controlling acne

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The best thing about getting help from nature is that it doesn’t come with side effects. When you look for natural ways for treating and controlling acne, you must know that these work gradually. Unlike the chemicals that are put on the skin to relieve acne, natural techniques are much gentler on the skin and work pretty nicely for majority of the people who try.

Want to know some of the tips to clear your skin from those acne lesions? Here you go:

Coconut oil is a blessing:

Oil dissolves oil. This means, when you rub coconut oil on your skin gently, the sebum which has clogged the pores of the skin get clear. Apart from that, coconut oil contains lauric and capric fatty acids which have anti-bacterial property. It also helps in healing due to its anti-oxidant property.

Thyme as an anti-acne treatment:

Thyme, another naturally found ingredient, has great anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial as well as astringent properties. All of these qualities make it an effective remedy for treating acne.

Tamanu Oil:

Tamanu oil is also popular for skincare especially as an anti-acne remedy. It has anti-bacterial property which helps in killing the acne causing bacteria. Tamanu oil when used on acne affected skin works to encourage healing by promoting the proliferation of new skin cells and helping in scar tissue formation. Tamanu oil is a great moisturizer for the skin.

Yellow Dock Root:

Yellow dock root has blood purifying property. Not only does it eliminate toxins from body but it also serves as an anti-acne remedy because of its powerful anti-oxidant property.

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