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Never Let Your Body and Brain Suffer from Premature Aging

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Nobody can pass the process of aging and it will happen when we are over thirty five. If you are one of those people, stay calm. And be proud to yourself. Old saying says ‘Life begins at forty’ and this is the thing that you should keep in mind to avoid bad impact of aging. Some people make mistakes by thinking that an older he or she gets, the more calories and fat that he or she should reduce. It can be true to some reasons, but as we get older, we even need higher numbers of food intake, particularly those that are rich of nutrients.

Never underestimate the needs of exercise and nutrients because aging process can even faster than we imagine. This is because a person loses muscle for burning body fat each year and this is why we should still have good fats intake to keep our muscle in good condition. Our muscle helps us to maintain strength and shape and we should keep it healthy and fit. Keeping our muscle in good tone will be perfect without long time cardio activities. Not many people realize that cardio exercises can make the aging process faster. There are some activities, which require shorter time amount to deal with, while it delivers significant results. Check out with your personal trainer or browse the internet for various recommended exercises for people above 35. It is also recommended to have doctors’ advice for better result and prevention.

People who have reached forty should also keep their brain in good condition by keeping it active, yet giving it enough rest. Just like electronic devices, too much exposure can lead to damage and the same thing applies to our brain. We should not force it too much, nor let it inactive for longer period. Brain can slow down when we do not use it regularly. There will be difficulties in performing any task due to slowing down brain mechanism. Brain exercises like playing chess, filling crosswords and other activities can save your brain from premature aging.


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