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Passive Smokers at Risk of Dementia

By on May 20, 2012 in Diseases, Health with 0 Comments

It is well known that if a family member smokes, the other members are affected largely by the negative effects of smoking. These include lung disease, circulatory problems, and cancer risks. But now, a new ailment has been added to the list of the negative effects of smoking: dementia.

The research was carried out in England and the United States, undertaken by the University of Cambridge and other institutions that have been published in the British Medical Journal that provides evidence of this.

Carrying out a set of tests measuring cognitive development of people affected by second hand smoking, showed that mental deterioration is a problem caused directly by the snuff smoke in smoke, because of its cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risks. It is both associated to dementia.

“Our results suggest that inhaling the smoke generated by others damage the brain, impair cognitive functions such as memory and become more likely to dementia,” notes David Llewllyn , the British researcher who led the study.

The risk of being affected by passive smoking continues to increase in size and length.

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