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Perfect health: Overcoming sugar craving

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sugar craving

Everyone loves chocolate shake or a piece of black forest cake for that matter. Though in varying degrees, sweets are the lifeblood of any human being. Sugar is so necessary for the human in order to remain active and agile.

Taking regular amounts of sugar is one thing while being addicted to them is another. Sugar addiction does exist and people become addicted to sugar. Sugar foods help in feeling better and happier.

Taking excess of sugar isn’t good. Sugar being taken in large quantities can cause diabetes, obesity and other ailments. There are several tips for overcoming addiction from sugar.

1: Do avoid artificial sweeteners and aspartame.

2: Avoid salt in the meals.

3: Natural fruits have sugar in them such as vegetables and fruits.

4: Take carbohydrates which are found in barley, oats, quinoa, millet and barley.

5: Take protein in breakfasts which can achieve blood sugar stability.

6: The body needs its sugar and don’t deprive it of sugar.

7: Will is also required to overcome sugar addiction.

8:Fruits are all the more necessary for the following reasons:

  • They are helpful in digestion of the food.
  • The fiber content isn’t digested mostly, but excrete is removed faster.
  • Thyroid sickness is also prevented
  • Guava, apple and avocado are such foods which make a person feel full
  • Vitisvinefera is added in cakes to make them delicious. Bakers have been using them for a long time now for increasing their market value. Cakes become marketable.
  • The fruits also serve as air fresheners as they produce a sweet scent. Apples and mangoes are such fruits which create that smell when they ripen. Melons are used to decorate the house as well.
  • Fruits are also great for economics of a country. Wine is made from grapes. Wine is also made from cherry, dandelion and plum.



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