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Potato Skins and Kidney Stones

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Due to several factors, usually food, excessive accumulation of salts and minerals lead to kidney stones, which is a problem that affects a growing population.

But in addition to the treatments of natural medicine, you can supplement this by including potato peel in your diet.

Kidney Stones

The functions of the kidneys are various. But, they are noted for their work in filtering body fluids, as well as the body’s detoxification and water balance. But, like any filter, the kidneys can also be blocked.

This happens when you have eating habits that facilitate the formation of kidney stones, such as eating acidic foods, insufficient water intake, or food and beverages such as coffee or tea. Excess toxins and waste products are a common cause of kidney stones. Therefore, we need to care for the health of the kidneys.


When kidney stones are small, they rarely show any symptoms, except when their accumulation reaches a level that impedes the functioning of the kidneys.

But larger stones themselves are more complicated to health by blocking the renal structure to fly apart into smaller pieces. These fragments, containing salt crystals, are very dangerous for the kidney tissue and the urethra.

The symptoms depend on the type of the kidney stone. In the case of small stones, it is common to feel back pain. The most dangerous stones are divided into small  and sharp parts, affecting the kidney and urethra. The main symptoms are severe pain on the side or lower abdomen and blood in the urine.

Benefits of potato peel

The potato peel has a rich content of potassium, starch, phosphorus, calcium, iron, alkaline, sulfur, copper, and vitamin C. All are a set of very beneficial nutrients to prevent and treat kidney stones by dissolving it.

The potato peel can be eaten roasted or boiled. To consume this tubercle, it should always be cleaned thoroughly before preparing.

The potato skin is a natural remedy for kidney stones and are  highly recommended. Other home remedies to treat kidney stones are  cucumber, celery or watermelon, as well as drinking fruit juices such as arañadnos, black cherries, apples and grapes.

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