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The Power of Power Naps

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productivityandsleepAlthough napping generally has a negative connotation in the workplace, more and more companies are moving toward mid day napping breaks (or opportunities). Scientists are now saying that napping for 10 to 30 minutes during the day will significantly contribute to people’s alertness and productivity. This is why companies like Google are encouraging people to get the rest they need, no matter what time of day it is.

Businesses have figured out that the time an individual loses by taking a nap is actually made up by their increased productivity (and overall happiness in their job).

By definition, a nap is a brief amount of sleeping, which often happens in the middle of the day. It was first popularized by Hispanic countries, specifically in Spain, where people used to take afternoon naps (Siesta), often after lunch. This tradition was passed on to other Hispanic American countries, were field workers take few minutes from their work day to sleep for thirty minutes to one hour. Currently, more and more countries are adapting to this tradition of napping including European countries like Greece and United Kingdom.

However, with the hectic lives that most people live today, napping seems to be an underrated practice, especially in corporate offices. Hard work is now measured with the extended hours spent in the office. Scientist continue to challenge this recent norm by encouraging business owners and managers to include nap time as part of the basic breaks given to the employees. With work demands identified as the top causes of stress, the mere inclusion of nap becomes more relevant. Studies support the role of naps in reducing stress levels among the people who did it regularly. A possible reason for this is the minutes of break that the mind and body gets from napping, which likewise makes the person feeling revitalized. This kind of effect from naps may not be immediately felt, especially by people who are new to such activity. Nap researchers contend that it is completely normal to feel groggy right after a nap, and the positive effects will often be felt at least an hour after waking up. Naps are also believed to improve memory and comprehension in the long run.

napatworkFor those who are struggling to exercise, napping might just be the easiest and cheapest energizer. With its revitalizing effect, it has also been linked to providing sufficient energy to people for other physical activities, aside from fueling work productivity. with this, naps prove to be a good preparation for after office workouts, with the guarantee o feeling less exhausted after. All these simple but significant benefits establish that nap is not just a thing for children, but is even much needed by adults.

Unfortunately, napping does not come easy for everyone, especially when it needs to be done in public places like offices. Ironically, normal sleepers seem to find it easier to nap during midday than those who constantly lack sleep. For starters, it is best to do it over the weekend or any specific vacant time where there is an opportunity to sneak in a nap. It is crucial to commit to including nap as a part of the daily routine. Eventually, nap can be the healthy alternative to energy drinks and coffee just to stay alert during the day.

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