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Pregnancy: Should I wear a seatbelt?

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Should I wear a seatbelt while pregnant?

Yes, you should always wear a seat belt. Using your seat belt protects you and your baby from injury or death in a car accident. You must use a seat belt regardless of where they sit in the car.

How should I wear my seat belt?

The seat belt should be restricted in three ways. This means you must have a lap strap and a shoulder strap. Lap seat belts and shoulder belts keep you from being thrown from the car during an accident. The shoulder strap also keeps the pressure of your body off the baby after an accident.

Sure to wear your seat belt correctly. The lap strap should go under your tummy, through your hips and as high as possible on your thighs. The shoulder strap should go between your breasts and off to one side of your belly. The seat belt straps should never go directly from side to side of his stomach. The seat belt should fit snugly. If possible, adjust the height of the shoulder strap so it fits properly.

What about the air bags?

Most experts agree that air bags are safe and can protect pregnant women from head injuries. Air bags in your car should not be turned off when you are pregnant. To be safe, you should move the seat as much as possible and tilt the seat to make room between your belly and the steering wheel or dashboard.

Air bags are not a substitute for a safety belt, so always wear your seat belt even if your car has air bags.

What should I do if I am in a car accident?

You must get treatment right away, even if you think you are hurt. Most injuries to the baby happen within a few hours after an accident. Your doctor needs to check you and your baby as soon as possible after a crash, especially if you have more than six months pregnant.

What signs should I watch for after a car accident?

Call your doctor right away if you have pain in your belly, if you draw blood or fluid from your vagina or if you have contractions.


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