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Prevent Fires and Burns

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A fire can start in many places around the house. Once started, a fire can rage out of control. Protect your family. Prevent fire before it starts. Protect yourself from these dangers.

Cigarettes: Careless smoking is the major cause of deaths in house fires. This is when someone lies down and falls asleep with a lit cigarette. Or, someone leaves a cigarette on the edge of the table. Do not let anyone smoke in the house. If someone must smoke, ask them to go outdoors. Provide an ashtray or a tin can throw matches and the butt. 

Heaters: Place space heaters away from bedding, clothing, curtains and anything else that can catch fire. You should not heat up much closer to the heater. If you’re cold, wear a sweater or socks extra. Teach children not to run or play around heaters.

Electrical System: Find out how old the electrical system is. Older homes do not have the capacity to support today’s electrical loads. You may need heavy-duty outlets for stove, washer and other large appliances. You may need more outlets for things like clocks, TVs and lamps.

Do not plug several appliances into one outlet. Overloading can cause fire. Use only fuses of the correct size. If the fuse blows again and again, call someone to fix it. If you feel a tingling sensation when touching a toaster or other appliance, disconnect it. Repair or buy new one.

Do not run cords under rugs or carpets. They may scratch and turn them on. When you leave home, make sure all appliances are turned off. Never leave an electrical appliance on when you’re not at home.

Cooking: Most kitchen fires start when someone is cooking. Keep towels and other flammable objects away from burners. Never leave the kitchen while cooking. While cooking, be very aware of your child. Turn the pot handles inward. Use the back burners whenever possible.

Keep your child away before opening a hot oven. If a fire starts in the oven, cover with a lid of large pot or baking pan. If the oil is burning, do not add water. Hot oil can start flying and spread the fire. Instead, douse a grease fire with baking soda or salt. Store matches in a glass jar with tight fitting lid. Put them out of reach of your child.

Storage areas: Remove piles of trash, old clothes and other things that can burn. Pull kerosene, paint thinner and other flammable liquids. If you must use for a while, keep these products away from sources of heat. Use them only where there is good air circulation. Allow the paint and polish rags dry completely. If you stuff them in a trash can on a hot day, the vapors can ignite. Never store gasoline indoors. Never use it for lighting fires.

Clothing: Read the labels on clothing and bedding for your child. Do not use any item that says “flammable”.

Holidays decorations: Keep lighted candles away from paper, curtains and other things that can burn. If you buy a Christmas tree, put it in a container with wet soil or water.


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