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Prevention against cold and flu

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In the winter season, common cold and flu are commonplace. They are also observed in the spring season when weather changes. Prevention is better than cure and so is visiting a general physician. There are certain tips on how to prevent cold in all seasons of the year.

  • Proper hygienic living is in order which is just as important. No disease will touch a person as long as hands are washed on a regular basis. Keep doing in public places and in private places.
  • Wash hands in office and after using transport. Keep the hands far away from the face to keep germs from entering the mouth. Only use hands when they are clean.
  • For boosting the immune system, one must drink green tea which has its benefits too. It has its advantages nonetheless. For further effects do add honey and lemon in the herbal green tea.
  • Taking garlic can also prevent common cold and flu. Garlic is such a natural substitute for combating antiseptics and antibiotics. Eat it raw for instance and mix it. Honey can work in this case. Smash it and eat it.
  • Keeping the doctor away is just as important as apple does that part gratefully. Apples are natural combatants against bronchitis, cold and flu. They prevent it really well. Apples are naturally rich in vitamin C and minerals. They can combat bacteria and viruses.
  • Taking in more and more water inside the human body is essential in detoxification. Toxins present in the body are removed by urine. Water should be drunk on a regular basis. Eight glasses of water are essential on a daily basis.
  • Yogurt is excellent for overall health. It has terrific minerals and vitamins along with probiotics too. It reduces the chances of getting cold by 25 percent.
  • Involve in some sports or gym for that matter.


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