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Prevention of Yeast infection

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Infections can be really painful and it is better to prevent them rather than to cure them, it is the same for yeast infection. Yeast infection appears very often and usually it appears in women. There was a survey on the topic that shows that more than 70 % of the women had once in their lifetime and slightly below 50 % had two times or even more.  So here are some tips on how to prevent the occurrence of yeast infection:

–          Avoid wearing underwear that is not 100 % cotton, you should wear underwear that is not tight in material, and be natural rather than man made, avoid nylon pantyhose.

–          It is crucial not to wear underwear, pants and jeans that are too tight, the bacteria causing yeast infection thrives in moisture, there must be moisture in order to survive. This is why you should stay dry.

–          After a visit of public pool or after exercise you should as soon as possible have a bath and change you clothing.

–          Stop using douches, scented tampons or other cosmetics, the use of them can reduce the effects of good bacteria and micro – organisms in the vagina, this is because of the chemicals contained in the cosmetics. Douching while having yeast infection is even worst idea, as it can spread the infection internally.

–          Eating yogurt is good, because of the probiotics and the life cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus in the yogurt, this is the bacteria that maintains natural balance in the body, and prevents yeast infection. Eating less sugar is also good for prevention, but it is crucial while having yeast infection to reduce your sugar intake as the bacteria feeds on sugar, healthy diet can only help.

–          Avoid taking antibiotics, because of the fact that they kill the friendly bacteria and may be factor for yeast infection.


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