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Puberty in boys

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Teenage is a lot challenging for both genders be it girls or boys. One can expect the onset of puberty at 11-12 years for boys and this goes on till the age 15-17.

Puberty can be said to be those developmental changes that occurs in the body by which a child becomes sexually mature and is called an adult who is able to reproduce.

This metamorphosis from being a boy to becoming a man involves many physical changes that are usually difficult to adjust in for a boy. Young guys have a hard time to accept the changes that are taking place in their appearance and inside their body.

Physical changes that are seen when a boy reaches his puberty are:

  • The penal and testes size is increased
  • There are random erections that take place
  • Visibility of pubic hair and hair all over the body
  • Excessive sweat
  • Change in shape and body musculature
  • Retraction and widening of foreskin
  • Changes in voice also take place. The vocals get deeper and voice becomes manly
  • Hormonal acne appears
  • Ejaculation during sleep. This is also called wet dreams.

Tips for boys who are facing their puberty:

Transformation from one phase of life to the other is actually a challenge for boys. Because puberty depends on hormones, this also affects their emotions. This makes them more aggressive and sensitive at times. Mood swings are normal during puberty.

Some tips for boys are:

  • Take good care of your hygiene
  • Take good sleep
  • Involve yourself in physical activities
  • Don’t worry too much about your looks
  • Use a deodorant regularly.



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